7 Leadership Faults

1.  Failure to communicate the vision clearly and continually.

2.  Failure to affirm and encourage people who work with you to accomplish the vision.

3.  Selling out the vision for anything or anyone.

4.  Lack of continual growth on the part of the leader, including spiritual, leadership, and relational growth.

5.  Failure to recognize and train other leaders who can help with the vision.

6.  Putting the vision before God or family.

7.  Failure to take calculated risks in order to further the vision.


7 Leadership Facts

1.  Leaders lead people not micro manage them.

2.  Leaders train and empower people and then release people.

3.  Leaders always lead with their heart first.

4.  Leaders cast a vision for a better tomorrow in a way that people can catch.

5.  Leaders make the hard decisions rather than selling out the vision.

6.  Leaders find ways to win even in tough times.

7.  Leaders move with faith without denying the facts.

My goal is to be a God-honoring leader.