Keeping Prayer Simple Part 1

What a great Sunday we had talking about prayer.  If you missed the message, you can check out the podcast at  Let me get started talking about prayer…

As I said in my message on Sunday, Jesus simplified prayer because the religious leaders of His day made serving God complicated.  I cannot emphasize enough that it’s really not complicated.  Prayer is as simple as a personal conversation with God – sincere, honest, open dialogue.     Now Jesus taught us something interesting in Matthew 6:6 about our place of prayer.  He says to “go away by yourself, shut the door behind you, and pray to your Father in private.”  Now here are a couple of thoughts about simplified prayer from this verse:  First,  Jesus wants us to develop the habit of PERSONAL PRAYER.  Personal prayer is not prayer with our kids at bedtime or prayer over our meal.  Personal prayer is private time with God.  Many times we can be guilty of substituting prayer in church for personal prayer.  But Jesus is clear that we should develop a private time with God in prayer.  If you want to transform your walk with God, get alone with God.  Shut yourself in your bedroom or turn the CD off in your car in your commute.  Look for opportunities to be alone with God for 5 or 10 minutes.  Start with 1 or 2 days a week and work up to 4 or 5.  The second thing is this:  Try to shut the world out when you pray.  In other words, avoid any distractions.  I believe that 5 or 10 minutes of focused prayer is more effective that 1 hour of distracted prayer.  In my life, I literally shut the door of my study (and tell my kids – DO NOT DISTURB 🙂 )


Elevate Church Sunday Recap

What an amazing Sunday we had today at the Elevate Thanksgiving Worship Experience.  We were so excited to meet so many new people.  It was a fabulous time of worship in song and friendship around the luncheon table.  Thanks to all who helped set up, prepare food, decorate, serve, and tear down.  I never cease to be amazed at the people who give of themselves so that others can be touched.  Today was fun with 129 in attendance.  It looks like November may be our biggest month since our Grand Opening in March of this year.  Almost 9 months have passed and God continues to pour His presence into our lives as a church family.  Of all that I am thankful for this year, the Elevate Church family is at the top of my list.  Lori and I want to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Our love to your family.

Kalyn and Lori

Missions Goals

Well, it’s an official “dream come true”.  One of my goals as a new church planter was to build into the DNA of Elevate Church the heart beat for missions.  Why?  Because I believe passionately that missions is the heart beat of God.  From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible says clearly that God is on a mission to reconcile lost humanity back to Himself.  The whole Bible is a Missions Manual about God’s redemption of you and me.  Last Sunday we saw the beginning of the fulfillment of that dream.  My dream was threefold: 

1.  To give 10% of the church tithe to missions.  We have been doing this since our launch. 

2.  For our first guest speaker at Elevate Church to be a missionary.  Last Sunday, Marty Thomas, Missionary from Calvary Commission shared an incredible message about becoming a world-changer!

3.  To take our people on a missions trip within the first year of launching the church.  On December 19, about 12 people from Elevate Church will head to Reynosa, Mexico to participate in missions as short-term missionaries through drama, music, street evangelism, kids crusades, food and clothing distributions, and Christmas gifts. 

Elevate Church, I am so proud of you!


Want to go on the Mexico Missions Outreach?  Click here for the info…

It’s been a while

It’s been way too long since I have take the opportunity to blog.  It seems as if life went into fast forward.  As a church planter/pastor sometimes I find it challenging to keep all the plates spinning.  But exciting things have been happening.  We are now 30 weeks old as a church.  A couple of weeks ago we had our highest attendance since Grand Opening.  God is good.  We have also relocated to Cox Elementary in Woodbridge.  What a huge step of faith for us.  What a huge step forward.  The Elevate team has been unbelievable in showing up to make it all happen.  I am continually amazed at the incredible people joining with us in this journey.  I want to personally thank all who have helped.  It took many hours of planning and effort.  It’s exciting to see the difference.


Yesterday At Elevate Church!

Monday’s are usually challenging for me after a very busy weekend.  I am usually a little slow to get around.  But today was different.  Today I had no trouble getting out of bed around 5:15 AM.  I dressed and ran 7 miles with enthusiasm.  I think it was because this weekend was so invigorating.  Once again we had a fabulous time at Elevate Church.  Way to go ELEVATE TEAM!  The new Vintage Tees were awesome, the picnic was fun, and we had another packed house in church.  We actually had 92 in service on a holiday weekend when most are out of town.  The church is growing and that is exciting.  Even more exciting is to watch people grow in their faith.  One of my favs yesterday was dedicating little Julia to the Lord in our service.  God is blessing our church family with so many young families and cool people (thanks Tony and Jessica for the privilege).   I am so honored to be doing this church planting thing.  I am honored to be called ‘pastor’.  I am honored even more to be one of God’s sons. 


The Best Is Yet To Come

It’s so cool to see how God is bringing together the family at Elevate Church.  This past Sunday was a great Sunday.  We are now 18 weeks old as a church family and in the middle of the summer, we had 96 in attendance!  Even more, we had new faith commitments to Christ.  Thanks to all who call Elevate Church your home.  Lori and I are so proud to be called your pastors.  We are also grateful for every guest that comes our way.  You are special to us. We hope you always feel welcome.  Yet in the excitement of all of that, I believe passionately that THE BEST IS YET TO COME!  One day soon, the Golf Club House will be too small to hold our crowds.  We will be looking for property to make a permanent home for the Elevate Church family.  We will have new ministries that will be filled with people growing in the faith.  We will be reaching our community in ways we never dreamed possible.  Life change will be happening in the church as well as in the marketplace.  Yes, it is true.  We are not what we want to be yet.  We have vision from God that is becoming a reality step by step.  The best is yet to come – for Elevate and for your life as well.