Acts of the Holy Spirit

Over the past couple of weeks, our family devotions have focused on the book of Acts.  The book of Acts might possibly be the most insightful look into the New Testament church and believers.  I think I am drawn to Acts for a couple of reasons: 

First, because as a church planter, I thrill at reading how God launched the first New Testament church.  It is full of excitement, enthusiasm, twists and turns, and discovering new platforms to share the message of Christ with a lost world.  My passion as a pastor/church planter is to replicate the initial design of God in the church today.  We are still a New Testament church.  Our goal should be vibrancy and relevancy as it relates to reaching a new generation of believers.

The second reason is maybe even more powerful.  The Book of Acts is the record of how the Holy Spirit (God’s Spirit) came to operate in the lives of believers and in the life of the church.  This is so amazing.  The book of Acts actually records the Acts of the Holy Spirit as God moves by His power and presence through His people.  Just think of all the acts of the Holy Spirit in the first two chapters alone.

Acts 1: 4 – Jesus tells his followers to wait in Jerusalem until they are baptized with the Holy Spirit.

Acts 1:8  – Jesus promises the believers new power and a new dimension in their witness and walk through the Holy Spirit.

Acts 2:1  – The believers were gathered together worshipping and praying when the Holy Spirit came.

Acts 2:1-4  – All the believers were filled with the Holy Spirit as God poured our His presence on them.  The outward evidence was a new language.

Acts 2:38 – In Peter’s message, he gives us the promise that the infilling of the Holy Spirit is for any believer (not just for back then).

Acts 2:42-47 – The Holy Spirit launches the New Testament church and many people were added to the church family.

All of this was just the beginning of what God continues today in His church.  And He is still writing the rest of the story in your life and in mine.  I challenge you to take time in the next few days to sit down and read the Book of Acts.  It can be absolutely empowering.


One thought on “Acts of the Holy Spirit

  1. Pastor Kalyn, It brings me great delight to see your church in Murphy TX. I and my family attend Covenant Church in Mckinney TX. and I am sure we have a lot in common. My Wife and I met you one Sunday afternoon in downtown Wylie at a afternoon function they were having for kids, Your might not remember me though, my name is Jerry Colegrove and my wife is Clarice. You imprssed us both as a real man of God when we met you and we pray for you and the Church that God will give you many souls for your labour.


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