Leadership and Life

There are some words that have been rolling around in my heart for a few weeks that I must blog about.  They are from Deuteronomy 34:5 – “And Moses the servant of the LORD died there in Moab, as the LORD had said.”  Now, at first glance, you probably wouldn’t know how powerful this verse is.  So what, Moses died in Moab???  What’s the big deal – He’s dead?  Unless, of course you put it against the backdrop of his 40 year journey to get to the Land of Promise.  The sad part about this verse is that he saw the Land of Promise from a distance but never got to go in.  He died in Moab.  WHY?  Because he dishonored God.    In Numbers 20:12, the Bible says Moses became angry and struck the rock to get water when God had told him to speak to the rock. 

Now, here’s my take about Leadership and Life:

1.  God holds leaders to a higher standard of living.  If you lead in ANY CAPACITY, God expects you to live to a higher standard of holiness.  It doesn’t make you better than anyone, so don’t get prideful about it.  I sometimes grieve over leaders who refuse to believe this principle.

2.  God expects leaders to be an example.  Listen:  The church needs people who will look, talk, act, love, and live like Jesus – in every area of their lives.  Don’t live so close to the culture that nobody can tell the difference.  Live your life sold out to God and His principles.  We have enough people who have one foot in the world and one in the Kingdom.  God is looking for someone who will give Him everything.

3.  As a leader, nothing speaks louder than your life.  Not your words, skills, abilities, work, intelligence, or anything else.  All of those things must be backed up by living the life God expects you to live. 

4.  There are consequences to our actions.  Just because you are a leader doesn’t mean you won’t suffer the consequences of your actions.  You and I are not exempt.  God doesn’t play favorites and He proved that with Moses.

5.  You can work hard towards a goal and still miss the mark if you walk in disobedience to God. 

Even though Moses died in Moab, he was still a great leader that God used powerfully in the Old Testament.  But I often think of what it would have been like for Moses to have crossed over into the Land of Promise.


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