New Record and Weekend Hilights

1.  We set a new attendance record Sunday at Elevate Church for our largest non-holiday/event attendance since our launch.  We had 159 with us today.  Way to go Elevate.

2.  We are now 2 weeks away from our 2 Year Birthday Celebration and Carnival.  This is going to a huge party including free Chili Dogs, cake, inflatables, popcorn, cotton candy.  You will also see our newest video and Cardboard Testimonies.  Whatever you do, don’t miss this and don’t come without friends.  Let’s make it a 200 day!

3.  Thank God for people who came to Christ Sunday morning at Elevate.  It’s still the greatest miracle of all.

4.  Build an A.R.K. for someone this week.  Act of Random Kindness.  Get out of your bubble and let God use you to demonstrate His love to people.

5.  Maybe the BEST worship time ever at Elevate Church.  Lauren and Daniel and the Worship Team hit a home run!  Wow – we have come so far from our days at the Golf Clubhouse when we launched.  We are becoming a church of worshippers.  It is a part of our purpose:  Worship, Connect, Grow, and Serve.

6.  Small groups have begun.  Are you involved in one?  You should be.  Get in this week.  See our website for details.

7.  Powerful pre-service prayer time yesterday with everyone on the set-up team.  Joel, thanks for stepping up!


40 Days of Kindness: Compassion

Wow!  I can’t believe that I just found out that this week is the official week of Acts of Kindness.  Over 6 months ago, God began speaking to my heart about this series for our church.  Little did I know how critical it would be.  As we launch out to SHOW our faith through kind actions, I believe that we will make a difference in someone’s life.  I also believe that it all starts with compassion.  Jesus was moved by compassion over and over in the scripture.  What is compassion?  Well, I’m not sure what Webster says, but here’s my formula:  Me + God’s Love + Action = Compassion.   In other words, compassion is the motivating factor in my life that causes me to demonstrate God’s love in tangible ways to people around me.  Listen:  It’s all about showing kindness to 1 person at a time.  So find 1 person today and make a difference in their life.

Wednesday Morning Thoughts

1.  I am pumped up about today because Connect Groups start tonight.  If you are not signed up – just pick one and go.

2.  I have many things rolling around in my brain about 40 Days of Kindness.  Like HOW TO BUILD AN A.R.K.  Come Sunday and you’ll hear about it.

3.  I have the coolest family.  We all jumped in last night and made sure we were ready to host the Connect Group in our home.

4.  I love watching the sun rise.  Every day reminds me that NEW is what God is all about.  His mercies are new every morning.

5.  Get ready friends.  I believe God is about to do something supernatural at Elevate.  Hang on.  It’s getting even more exciting.

Focus Your Life

I am amazed at how often we lose focus in our lives.  I watch people who sincerely love God, but sometimes lose the focus of their faith.  So it’s important to remember that your life on earth is not all there is to your life.  In fact, it’s the smallest portion of your real life – eternal life.  All of us will spend eternity some where.  But our life is significant because what we do with our life on earth will determine so much in eternity.  Life is not about the 3 P’s – power, prestige, and possessions.  It’s in the chasing after these things that so many lose their focus and find themselves out of touch with God.   To make life count for eternity, we must keep our lives focused on the eternal values of God’s Kingdom.  So let me challenge you to STAY FOCUSED.  One second inside of eternity, you’ll be so glad you did.

Monday Download

1.  What an outstanding weekend at Elevate Church.  Kids Church set a new attendance record in the 1st-5th grade gathering.

2.  I am so pumped up about 40 Days of Kindness.  If you missed the vision cast service yesterday, you have to hear the podcast.

3.  Had an awesome time with Lori.  She is amazing.  My very best friend.  I am about to take her to lunch today for Valentine’s Day.

4.  My little girl turn 14 yesterday.  I remember the day she came into our family.  Wow!  How fast time goes by.  She is such a beautiful girl, inside and out.

5.  So awesome to have friends visit us from Oklahoma Sunday.  I am rich with friendship.

40 Days of Kindness Begins Sunday!

1.  Don’t you dare miss the launch of our 40 Days of Kindness campaign beginning this Sunday at Elevate Church.

2.  I will also be sharing a huge part of our vision for 2010 in Sunday’s message.

3.  You will also hear an update on the progress of the building this Sunday.

4.  I am still looking for a THREE-PEAT of our new attendance record.  Though we had it last Sunday.  It was CLOSE.

5.  Did I mention don’t miss Sunday?

Odds stacked against you?

 No one really expected the New Orléans Saints to win the Superbowl but they did.  Why?  Because the odds were against them.  In my prayer time today, I was thinking about how much God loves it when the odds are stacked against us.  Maybe it’s because He gets more glory out of greater miracles when He comes through for us in a BIG WAY.  Think about it for a moment…The odds were stacked against Moses and the people of God at the Red Sea.  How about David, when he went out to kill Goliath?  What about Gideon, when God kept telling him that he had too many soldiers – that 300 would enough?  Odds are that none of these people would win or overcome.  BUT THEY DID.  And so can you!  Even when the odds are against you, just keep putting your faith in God.  He may be working a miracle that even greater than you could imagine.  Odd are…