Saturday Download

1.  Great morning to run.  It’s perfect weather.

2.  God is teaching me new things about prayer from Ezekiel 37.

3.  I am pumped up about tomorrow at Elevate.  Part 3 of the series on The Winning Family

4.  Audrey did awesome in her Basketball game.  She is such a cool kid.

5.  Lori and I had a prayer time together this morning.  It was powerful.

6.  Can you believe Lauren still wants to trick or treat?  At 13?  Go have fun girl!

7.  “God, open a door that no man can shut for Elevate Church!”


Moving Forward Prayer – Week 1

Moving Forward Logo Med 1

We are asking everyone to pray this prayer every day for 1-3 minutes for Elevate Church. 

God, open a door that no man can shut for Elevate Church.

“See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut.”  Rev. 3:8

Weekend Hilights

Moving Forward Logo Med 1



 What an incredible weekend.  Maybe the best weekend for me, personally, in a long time.  Here’s the rewind:

1.  I received some great insight from a church planting coach.  He spoke from the Holy Spirit right into my life. 

2.  We had a church consultant with us at Elevate.  Many good things to say about Elevate – many thing we can do to lift the level at our church.

3.  Audrey received the Best Effort award in her Basketball game.  I am so proud of her…

4.  I spent all day Friday talking to a project manager who works with churches on construction projects.  God put this together.

5.  Elevate was over the top yesterday.  The enthusiasm and excited was absolutely contagious.

6.  Three people raised their hand to make commitments to Christ.  This is the reason we do what we do – every week!  To God be Glory!

7.  The Big Announcement?  The Hobby Lobby Corporation will consider helping us with future property if we can find a property that will fit the formula. Miracle in the making…

Thursday Download

1.  I’m reading an awesome book called The Life You’ve Always Wanted by John Ortberg.  Powerful words about prayer and intercession:  “Biblical prayer is impertinent, persistent, shameless, and indecorous.  It is more like haggling in an oriental bazaar than the polite monologues of the churches.”  Another quote:  “History belongs to the intercessors- to those who believe and pray the future into being.”

2.  I am so pumped about THE BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT EVER AT ELEVATE CHURCH THIS SUNDAY!  Whatever you do, don’t miss this Sunday.  Text everyone you know from Elevate and tell them to be there for this HUGE announcement.  Get ready Elevate – God is up to something amazing!  We’re MOVING FORWARD!

3.  Connect Group was great last night.  I can see our group growing closer.

4.  Audrey was so excited because the Power Team came to her school.  She watched them tear phones books in half, bend bars, and break bats.  I told her that was nothing compared to what her dad could do.  Her response?  “Yeah, right dad…”

5.  God is taking me deeper in His presence this week.  I can tell that He is preparing me for the road ahead.  He is strengthening me and calling me by His Spirit – showing me things and giving me wisdom.


What ever you do, do not miss this Sunday at Elevate Church!   If you have to change your plans, make the arrangements.  Don’t you dare go out of town because you’ll be sorry you missed it.  It has the potential of being one of the greatest miracles you have ever seen.  I will be making the BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT EVER AT ELEVATE THIS SUNDAY!

Okay, here is your ONE PRAYER EACH DAY this week “God, open a door that no man can shut for Elevate Church…”  This comes from Revelation 3:8 where God says:  “…I have opened a door for you that no one can close.”

Weekend Highlights

This past weekend was a mixed bag:

1.  My Sooners lost to Texas.  STINK!  I love college football anyway.

2.  Great time at the Men’s Cookout.  Great food Joel.  You’re going to make someone a great wife.

3.  I loved the opportunity to teach with Lori on Sunday morning at Elevate.  After 21 years of marriage, we can say a few things about great communication.

4.  Set up and tear down went so smooth Sunday morning. We have the best team ever.  So awesome to see new people plugging in to this ministry.

5.  I am stoked about THE BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT EVER AT ELEVATE THIS SUNDAY!  Whatever you do, don’t miss this next Sunday.  If you planned on being out of town, change your plans or you’ll be sorry you missed it.