See You At The Pole Update

See You At The Pole 09So cool to see students stand for their faith today as they prayed at their school flagpole.  It takes courage to show up, stand up, and speak up.  But that’s what our teenagers did today.  I am so proud of them.

Check out what happened on my daughter’s campus.  Last year only 3 showed up for SYATP.  This year over 35.  I am so proud of Lauren. 

SYATP Lauren


Weekend Highlights

What a great weekend!  Here are the “best of” for this past Saturday and Sunday:

1.  Nesting syndrome has hit the family as we prepare for the soon arrival of Destiny.   Can’t wait!

2.  Broke double digits again in my long run.  10.85 miles.

3.  I love watching my little girl get excited about playing basketball.

4.  I am so proud of Lauren for making the lead part in the musical Annie at school.  Curls and red hair. LOL!

5.  Great Sunday at Elevate.  We had 10 first time guests again this weekend.  God is so good to us.

6.  Feeling restrained by a relationship?  Go now and listen to the podcast of last Sunday’s message.

7.  Cool lighting set on the stage Sunday.  Thanks Tim and Tony.

8.  Gearing up for the Murphy Maize Days Outreach on Saturday.  Have you volunteered yet?  If not, join the other 50 people at Elevate who have a heart to serve this community. 

9.  Worship, Connect, Grow, Serve…that’s what we are all about!

10.  Coming soon!  Cowboys Tailgate Party and Carnival.  October 11 @ Elevate.

Wednesday Download About Prayer

Today God specifically answered an important prayer.  If you are waiting on God to answer your prayer, be patient.  Here are my thoughts on  prayer:

1.  Pray about every concern.   God is interested in the details of your life.  Prayer is the way we communicate our concerns and feelings.

2.  Prayer helps us process our emotions, thoughts, and ideas under the influence of the Holy Spirit.  Even more critical if your emotions are negative.

3.  Pray for things beyond yourself.  If all you ever do is pray for your own needs, your prayers can become selfish.  Praying for others is a refusal to feel sorry for yourself.

4.  Pray for the person who rubs you the wrong way.  “44But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you…”  Jesus in Matt. 5:44

5.  Pray with faith in your heart.  When we pray with no faith or hope in our heart, I wonder if it sounds like we’re “complaining” to God?

6.  Pray creatively.  Silently – so you can listen to His voice .  Out loud – so you can hear your faith.  With praise and worship music.  Ect.

7.  Pray with your family.  This is one of the most important things you can do with/for your family.  We pray everyday together – morning and night.

Weekend Hilights

What a fabulous weekend.  Here are the top picks from this past weekend:

1.  Powerful worship time at Elevate.  “How high, how wide, how deep…is Your love for me…”  Awesome song.   We have the best worship team.

2.  Nursery is growing.  We have now split our nursery to make more room for new babies.  There are 8 new babies coming to Elevate in the next few months.

3.  So great to have Dennis and Shelli (Kids Pastors) and Kevin and Ashley (Ministry Coordinator) back with us.  We are excited about the new additions to your family. 

4.  Disappointment vs. Discouragement.  One is inevitable; the other optional.  Want to know how to defeat discouragement in your life?  Listen to the podcast of Detained by Discouragement.   

5.  The SOONERS dominated Idaho State.  What an incredible game.  I am also glad Michigan won but sad Ohio State and Oklahoma State lost.  I love college football.

6.  Connect Groups are coming.  I can’t wait to talk about my topic.  You need to sign up.  Don’t miss out on this Elevate Church.

7.   Coming soon… Cowboys Tailgate Party.

8.  Great time at the Mens Connect Breakfast.

Difficult Decisions

Probably one of the greatest challenges for any person is the challenge to make tough decisions.  No matter if you are a parent, supervisor, father, single mom, teacher, or ministry coordinator – you lead in some capacity.  I believe making tough decisions defines you as a leader.  Tough decisions may often seem like a step backwards.  However, after you navigate the decision – you can see that it was actually a step in the right direction.  Here are some insights to making tough decisions in the different arenas of your life:

1.  Pray and do what God says.  Sounds oversimplified but often times we skip over this step.  BTW – it’s the most important part.

2.  Think through the decision and it’s impact as much as possible.  Paint the scenarios in your mind of the implications.  How are others going to react?  How should you react?  What are the negatives and positives?    You may not be able to prepare for everything, but you can for most things.

3.  Get some buy-in.  Go to key people affected by the decision and get them on board with you as much as possible.  Shared decision-making adds synergy to your decisions.

4.  Make the decision.  Indecision is a curse.  Leaders/people often second guess everything and, therefore, live in a constant state of indecisiveness.  That causes them to live without focus and direction.

5.  Don’t over react if someone is negative towards the decision.  Often times people react negative but later realize it was the best course of action.

6.  Stand firm in your decision.  It may be a tough decision but remember #1.  Remember that you prayed and asked God for guidance.  So trust God to work out the details.  Obedience is paramount in the life of a Christian leader – no matter if you’re leading your family, co-workers, or simply yourself.

Friday’s Download

1.  I am super excited about the series starting September 13th.  HOSTAGE – What’s holding you back?  You don’t want to miss church.  It may be the best series all year.

2.  I challenge you to invite someone to this new series.  People need to be set free.  People need God’s power to change their lives.  Who can you think about right now?  Stop and pray for them.  Then invite them next week to come.

3.  I can’t wait until Saturday at 6 PM.  The Oklahoma Sooners kick off their season in Dallas.  BOOMER SOONER!  I am a fanatic about college football.

4.  I can’t wait until our new baby arrives.  I have the most amazing family.  Lori has been such a warrior through this pregnancy.  I love her so much.

5.  This Sunday is Spud-Fest.  We are going to have a fabulous time at the all-church dinner.

6.  I am so proud of my Lauren.  She and a couple of friends are going to ask permission to start a Bible Club at her Jr. High.  She has such a heart for God. 

7.  More exciting things are happening behind the scenes at Elevate.  We are taking steps of faith to move our vision forward. You’ll hear…