Sunday Rewind

1.  Awesome church today!  Worship team, you put it on the top shelf.  I had so much fun watching people worship.  The universal sign of surrender was incredible.

2.  Pedal Car Outreach went great.  Thanks to all who worked so hard to serve our community.  This is what servant-evangelism is all about.

3.  I liked the new look of the coffee bar.  This will give us more room to grow at Cox Elementary.

4.  Daniel, you did an incredible job leading the outreach team set up.  You’re a good leader.

5.  Sunday we hit our goal for our missions project.  We have officially partnered to with the Johnsons in Uruguay for the land project.

6.  Next Sunday is Mother’s Day.  This is another big day for Elevate Church.  We will be honoring all the women with a free gift.

7.  I love leading Elevate Church.  I am glad we are a church that is stagnant with religious exercise.  We are passionate about reaching this community.  We are making a difference.


Saturday Wake Up

1.  I woke up this morning listening to the sounds of God’s awesome creation.  The first thing on my mind was the magnificence of God.

2.  Today I will have coffee early with a great friend.

3.  I am so proud of our grads from SAGU.  Daniel and Bethany – you guys so important to us.

4.  I was so excited to see the response to Missions Night last Wednesday.  We were overwhelmed at the crowd.  This Sunday I will give you a report from our missions challenge.

5.  Today my family will have lunch at John’s house.  He is grillin’ steaks.  It should be fun.

6.  Sunday is my favorite day of the week.  I live for Sundays so I can see what God is up to in the life of people at Elevate Church.  Can’t wait for tomorrow.

7.  Awesome commencement speaker at graduation.  Having a New Testament Attitude.  I believe the most valuable choice you make every day is your attitude.  I can’t understand people who want to live with negative attitudes.