Wednesday Mind Unwind

1.  I can’t wait to start my Connection Group tonight.  New people!  That’s incredible.

2.  As I look at Elevate, I can see that God is building a solid foundation of people who believe in the vision. 

3.  Had coffee with someone new to Elevate.  Great story of his life.  Thanks for being transparent.

4.  Lori is feeling much better.  We appreciate all the prayers for her and the baby.  Healthy is good.

5.  New stuff coming to Elevate.  We are preparing hard for our outreaches that begin in 2 weeks.  Our heart is to serve our community through our summer outreaches.

6.  I can tell that winter is finally over in Texas.  We jumped from cool to warm fast.  Love Texas weather.

7.  Forgiveness – Forgiving Others – the topic for Sunday.  I have a personal story to tell.


Weekend Reflect

1.  We had another great worship experience this weekend.  Way to go worship team for leading us into God’s presence at Elevate.

2.  I am so pumped about our Connection Groups starting this week.  If you aren’t involved, get plugged in.

3.  We had 7  new families come back from our Easter Sunday.  That’s awesome.  Thanks to you guys for being a part of Elevate.

4.  I am loving this teaching series on Forgiveness.  I can’t wait to teach on it again this Sunday.  God is already speaking to me about it.

5.  I am amazed at how our volunteers work so hard each week.  Especially those who come early to set up and stay late to tear down.  You are fabulous!

Easter @ Elevate

Okay…I am really excited about yesterday.  We had the best day ever in the short history of Elevate Church.  In the first year, we more than doubled in attendance from Easter to Easter.  Even more awesome was how God brought so many to faith in Christ.  That is so cool!   We also had 16 families visit Elevate Church for the very first time.  Thanks to so many who worked so hard (even in the rain) to make the day a huge success!  You people are incredible.


Proud Dad

Yesterday Lori and I put our 13 year old daughter on a bus to Mexico for her missions trip.  It was a mixed bag.  I think it was a hard for me to see my little girl grow up a little more.  Even harder to send her off where I can’t protect her.  But when she was a little girl, we dedicated her to God and asked God to use her for His glory.  I am watching that happen before my very eyes.  Somehow I knew this day would come when we would have to hold her a little more loose.  I am so proud of her heart for God and passion for missions.  She has courageous faith.  She raised every penny herself to go on this trip.  I am amazed, while many13 year old girls are thinking of boyfriends and make-up, she is thinking of an orphanage in Reyonsa, Mexico.  I am a proud dad.