Shock and Awe

Funny?  You think it could never happen.  But when it does, you are in shock and awe.  I have intentionally waited to blog about this because I was trying to process this one.  What happens when 1.5 years after the surgery that should keep your family from growing – doesn’t work?  Well, it’s true.  I’m 41 and my wife is 42 and we are expecting our third child (go ahead, you can laugh – it’s really funny if it’s not you).  Shock doesn’t even begin to describe it.  I know God’s will is perfect and His timing is perfect but I still haven’t wrapped my brain around this one.  It didn’t take me long to add it up.  I’ll be 60 when the baby graduates from High School.  Boy, do I feel old! 

“All things work together for the good…”  is more than just a verse.  We are living it.  Even though I don’t see it, I am walking by faith and not by sight.  Our faith is strong and our family resilient. 

Did you know that there is only a 0.1 % chance of failure in that surgery?


Saturday Evening Mind Unwind

1.  My Sooners are still doing awesome in basketball.

2.  I am excited about being at Elevate tomorrow.

3.  I have everything ready to speak on Sunday. 

4.  I now have a teenager in my home.  My Lauren is such an amazing daughter. Today is her 13th birthday.

5.  God sent someone to pray for me today. Thanks Stephen.

6.  I was glad to run with my friend, Chester this morning.  He’s back from China.

7.  God is stretching my faith this week.

8.  Please pray for the Dyer family.  Their grandson has been diagnosed with aggressive cancer.

9.  I love being in Wylie, Texas.  I would rather be called to palnt a church than anything I can think of.

10.  My Bible thought this week:  The bigger the problem, the bigger the miracle God works on my behalf.

21 of 40 Days

Now into the second half of our 40 Days of Purpose campaign and I see change.  Change has come to me in the way I think and react.  I have grown to understand in a fresh way that how I act and react depends on the way I think.  Thinking = acting.  If I can allow God to change my thinking, it all changes.  The great part is the Bible gives me the right change.  The Holy Spirit gives me power to change.   I can see change…I trust more, have peace more, have more confidence and less fear.  I also see God’s hand on my life more.  Even last week my wife lost her job and I have not been shaken even though it is almost entirely our income. I trust.